Monroe Hair Studio | Tribal Beauty + Fashion Photoshoot

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 Makeup artist, Monika Gilliard modeling for Hairstylist Britteny Monroe-Mitchell (click names to follow)

I am so excited about this shoot because it is literally a dream come true!  I'd scouted this location on the coast of Liberty County, GA a few months ago and immediately started imaging (and pinning) a tribal-styled photo shoot. So, as you could imagine,  when Britteny, the Hairstylist that I worked with recently on the mermaid-hair shoot, suggested we collaborate again on a tribal-inspired shoot, I jumped at the chance. Our model, Monika did own her makeup, designed the two piece outfit, and absolutely perfected this ode to African style.  One word to describe the hair styles:: REGAL. 

They both are a dream to work with and share my passion for beauty and fashion. Here are a few of the images captured...just keep scrolling!


Photoshoot Location Allocation + Styled Photography