How To::: Create A Wardrobe You Love

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Let's Play Dress Up

Every year I find myself in the throes of a massive closet makeover. I wake up early and stay up late sorting out the stacks and stacks of clothing and shoes trying to decide what to keep and what must go. But this year is different. Perhaps, it is a sign of the times, the economic climate, or just the fact that I am gaining great confidence in my personal style. Either way somehow I have made it through the year without making the mistake of stocking up on useless fashion trends that I loved then but hate now. 

As I take stock of my closet, I am proud of every single item hanging there. They are a reflection of me. Self-editing is so important to creating a wardrobe that you simply cannot imagine living without. These items are the ones that have been chosen to express your personality season after season. It takes times and little effort but anyone can boost their confidence to stand tall and stress-free in a abyss fashion trends.

Follow these tips to create a wardrobe that you love and wear continuously:::

1. Assess what you've got

Most of us have a closet for of clothing that we never wear, which only makes getting dressed everyday a time-consuming chore. It is time to a step back and assess your closet. The goal here is to separate the pieces that you love from the mess. Ask yourself "What do I wear time and time again?"  This is your first step towards uncovering your personal style and creating a wardrobe that represents you.

Everything that you love, have worn recently and know you want to keep should be separated and set aside. Try on everything else and examine it carefully. Donate, sell, or trash anything that does not fit, is in poor condition or is just outdated. What is left is a wardrobe that you should absolutely love.

2. Shop for what you need

Now that you have organized your closet and love everything that is left, it is time to start changing the way you think about shopping. Don't obsess over the latest trends, shopping is about finding a few great gems in a sea of potential mistakes. Instead, focus on what you need to make you wardrobe and appearance whole. Why buy yet another black dress or black pumps for an evening out perhaps what you really need is a chic statement piece or a pop of color with a bright clutch.

3. Buy The Basics in Bits & Pieces

Assemble a core wardrobe of everyday items that make your life easier. These pieces include jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, easy-to-slip-into shoes. They make for a sturdy foundation for getting dressed. Stylish shoppers never stress the fluctuations of fashion trends because the basics have them covered. For the cash strapped Fashionista, having a timeless wardrobe you can rely on is more important than ever.

The basics contribute to the overall look and paying serious consideration to the fit and cut of your jeans or basic t-shirts is a must. Invest in quality, flattering, classic, stylish clothing that will last for years to come.

4. Buy Multifunctional Pieces

Before you buy ANYTHING new you should think where you will wear it and what you plan to wear it with. It is a wise investment to have items in your closet that can transition from work-to-play, day-to-night, date-to-interview, and so on.

5. Think quality, not quantity

When it comes to your core wardrobe, think quality rather than quantity. A few well-chosen pieces are all that's necessary. Building a wardrobe around well-made, well-fitting pieces is the best way to look great in clothing.


     Shelly C.