Dream Big

When I was a young woman, getting ready to graduate from high school, I remember having a talk with my dad about choosing a career path. I was so distraught at the thought that if I stayed in a particular town that the only hope for me being successful (financially) was to work in the medical field.  That was the last thing that I wanted to do.  I needed a career that allowed me to express myself creatively and still allowed me to impact people’s lives in a positive way.

I knew at that young age that my purpose was to live a creative life even if that life did not afford me the security of a boss, a routine schedule, or a steady paycheck (right away).  My dad challenged me back then to have the boldness to dream BIG…and create the things I wish existed in my life.

Now at 30, that talk has come full circle. I didn't take a straight and narrow path to becoming a business owner. I still decided to go to college and get a creative degree. I started a family, worked in the fashion and media industry, and lived in many cities in the Southeast. All of these experiences helped to enrich my business savvy and deepen my creativity.

There are moments now that I question if I should have opted for that “secure” place in the world but then I am reminded when I look at my photos and designs, my family, and the creative lifestyle that I have  why I chose this path to begin with. What I do makes others happy and it is an extension of my life. My little stamp on the world captured forever. It is me.

I started Shelly C. Studi with the intent of creating the life I always dreamed of and a year later it is all happening.  Even though it isn't all glamorous, I still enjoy my job even in the not so fun times and I would be crazy to throw in the towel now (or ever for that matter).   If I have come this far in a year, while pregnant with my third child and finishing up my bachelor degree. then I can absolutely see my dreams becoming a beautiful reality.

It was not my talent alone that led me here. Tuh…I wish!  Talent will only take me so far in business but with hard work, ambition, and the sheer desire to achieve the possibilities for myself and Shelly C. Studio are boundless.

One final note...

NEVER let someone's small thinking belittle the greatness that God has put in you. You cannot expect everyone to understand your dreams and vision because God didn't give it to them.  I hope you too will find your passion, purpose, and inspiration to dream BIGGER.


Shelly C.