How To: Find Your Niche

Finding a niche can be harder than it seems. It is so important to narrow down your choices and dive into an area that you are truly passionate about. It is easy to fall into the trap of being the "general" business that essentially attempts to take on every project that comes your way,  Especially,  as you start your business, small businesses tend to try to cater to everyone and in the end no one is truly satisfied with the service or end product. Managing multiple genres in your industry can lead to burnout. SO, here are some tips on finding your niche. 

It goes without saying that when a passion and career mesh the sparks will truly fly. As you try to narrow down your services and pinpoint your ideal clients, make mental  note or journal about the projects and types of customers motivated you to be creative. Which tasks did you enjoy doing the  most and which did you dislike.

It is like a game of hot or cold, the warmer you feel about the path you're taking the closer you to your niche,  passion, purpose, and happiness.