{Recap} 2015 Planting Positive Seeds Conference

Oh, my goodness!! The Planting Positive Seeds conference hosted by LaDonna Marie this weekend was amazing! The speakers were phenomenal and the attendees touched my heart in so many ways. I wanted to share a brief recap of the event plus say a special thank you to::


 photo credit: Steve Shepherd  




LaDonna Marie Cook, Founder of Planting Positive Seeds  for trusting my input as co-planner of the event and for giving me the extra nudge that I needed to speak at this event. Sharing my passion for creativity and Christ was an incredible experience. 

 Sharing how creativity and photography restored me and my faith in God. photo credit: LaDonna Marie Cook

    The Queen of Content, Philisha Mack of  The Mack Institute  in Atlanta   

 Law of Attraction Coach, Andre Hills, Founder of  The Delta Influence  (& my daughter, Saylor)   

 The Fabulous MC, Dr. Renee Sunday -The Platform Builder   

 Far left, Krystal Hart of Sparrow Communication with the host and speakers. photo credit:: Steve Shepherd

 Dynamic Network from left:: Shelly Carpenter, PPS Founder LaDonna Marie Cook, Author Kreceda Whitfield Tyler, Andre Hills, Audra Davison, Philisha Mack, & Dr. Renee Sunday. photo credit:: Krystal Hart

If you want to see and hear more from the conference follow these hashtags on social media, #PPSConference2015, #RestorationAndResiliency, and #PlantingPositiveSeeds. Prepare to be greatly blessed and inspired. 


Shelly C.