Productivity Hacks

I am the first to admit that I struggle with staying focused throughout my day. There are just so many things to distract me and it has at times had a terrible impact on my productivity. I have found that these productivity hacks actually help to deter my unproductive habits.

1. Start the day off focused and happy! Before I even step out of bed, each morning I start my day by repeating a few positive affirmations like "I am happy. I am creative. I will get _______ (fill in blank) done on time." This allows me to set my focus from the start. I feel good about myself and capabilities.

2. Set my creative mood. 

 The way that you feel can have a big impact on your creativity throughout any given day. I like to work in a space that inspires me. I want to create beautiful art and so I surround myself with lovely, uplifting decor. My desk at this moment has just the necessary working tools and a gorgeous arrangement of white hydrangeas that just make me smile when I look at them. Whatever your job may be make your workspace a source of inspiration. 

3. Prioritize your to-do list. I like to make two lists at the start of my day or even the night before (if it's convenient). One list for things that absolutely must be done that day such as scheduled meetings or doctors appointments, sharing a blog post, responding to messages, or fixing dinner. The second list are things that I'd like to do but it will be totally fine if I do not get to them like cleaning the baseboards or reading a new book. The end goal is simply to accomplish the things that truly matter.

4. Take breaks. Yes, you read that right! Give yourself a few minutes to catch up with friends over the phone, take a short walk, or grab a warm tea. You'll come back feeling renewed and ready to tackle the rest of the day's work.

5. Create a routine. Nothing creates chaos like allowing the day to run you. If you are one of those people that checks your email or social media sites compulsively set alarms in the morning, midday, and evening to login. Be sure to limit the time that you do this and move along quickly to another task. 

We are all guilty of the bad habits that derail productivity from time to time. But with these hacks, it will be easy to get on the track to a productive work life with even less stress. 


Shelly C.