Live The Little Things:: Breyen's 9th Birthday

Isn't it amazing how God uses the very thing that we believe is impossible to show and transform us into who we're destined to be. Nine years ago today, I welcomed my beautiful little boy, Breyen Shayne, into the world. I was unsure of myself and what sort of life that I would be able to give him on my own. I wasn't even sure if motherhood suited me at all. But just as those fears crept into my heart so did the love and support of his father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and god-parents. We've taken on life together in our own way and have a love + bond that is indescribable. 

What a blessed life we've had together. Everyday hasn't been easy but it has been incredibly worthwhile. I wouldn't change a thing because I see now that sometimes God's gifts come in the form of tiny, smiling, funny, smart, ever-dancing, kind hearted little packages. 

Breyen is a gentle giant, straight A student, never leaves home without a book, the best big brother to Jaylin and Saylor, and is becoming an awesome athlete. 

I wish my son a very happy birthday and pray that we will celebrate many, many more together.  

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Shelly C.