Staycation in the City

My family is definitely in need of a vacation.  Unfortunately, like most single moms,  I get very little vacation time each year. So this weekend, we spent the kid’s four day from school right here in town. 

We got a little creativity  and came up with fun things we can do without leaving home (or town). And the best part is that they were not expensive activities and barely took any planning at all.

Here are some of the fun things we did while on staycation. 

1. Splashing in the backyard pool. Sun + water always equals fun! Make sure to slather on the sunblock.


2. Camp Out (or in). Blanket forts, flash lights, and spooky stories are essential for my little campers.

3. Visit the local batting cages. Get active and play a game of baseball or compete for the most hits in the cages.

4. Explore a local museum. Take in a little history and art. They're full of educational gems for all age groups.

5. Visit a local bakery. We have a few great sweet shops that specialize in everything from southern delights to French macaroons. Check out your local sweet spots.

6.Video chat an old friend or relatives. This is the perfect time to reconnect and let the kiddos chat with family and friends that they rarely get to see.

7. Netflix & Kids. Binge watch all the latest kids movies and don't skimp out on the popcorn with snacks. 

We had a great weekend. Sometimes a slight change in routine or scenery is all that you need to create special memories.



Shelly C.  



Share your thoughts:: How do you enjoy a staycation? What are your best tips for exploring locally?