Liberty County Public Library Opening

The library is one of my favorite places to be in any location that I have lived. The newly built, Liberty County- Live Oak Public Library has been in the making for months. I live a few blocks from the location and the anticipation has been growing for my family to see it finalized! 

Today was the grand opening and my little one, Saylor and I took the opportunity to take a tour with Mrs. Amber, the children's librarian. Saylor was very excited to see the familiar faces and a few new ones greeting us. 

Take a look at the beautiful new building and hopefully you take a trip soon to explore the aisles, computer centers, and reading activities at our Live Oak Public Library

 Happy little one!! 

 Lovely little tables and chairs for tiny readers

 Natural light shining through  oversized windows

 Beautiful new picture books

 Saylor reaching for higher learning

 Caterpillar stools in the children's book area

 Bright & Fun Storytime Room

 So comfortable and chic

 Beautiful new sitting areas  

 Charging stations conveniently placed throughout for the techies.

 Private study area

 Credit::  LaDonna Marie   

 Credit::  LaDonna Marie

This is definitely a beautiful and happy place! Will you be going to see it soon? What's your favorite thing about your local library?  

 Last view of the old library being demolished.

 Bittersweet but greater things are coming. 


Shelly C.