Healthier Ways To Stay Energized Without Coffee

Most days, once I get into my zone of working on a project or tackling mommy duties, before I know it, it is well past noon and all I've had to eat/drink is a cup of coffee! I usually come to realize it because around this time of day a splitting headache derails me and sending everything off track. Predictably the result of being hungry and dehydrated.

This summer, I decided to change up my routine, limit my coffee intake, and still try to conquer my never ending to do list while exchanging caffeine with water and healthier options.

That doesn't mean that I gave up coffee completely but I did challenge myself to eat a healthy breakfast every morning, drink plenty of water, and get my energy boost from supplements. 

In order to stay on track, I keep my multivitamins, fruit and water near my desk as a reminder to start the day off right. Plus, it was handy to have them close by when I began to feel a little tired throughout the day. 

Tell me::

What are some ways that you stay energized all day?  


Shelly C.