Organizing Tasks You Can Tackle In Less Than 5 Minutes

Do you know that awesome feeling of satisfaction when you've managed to clear out an entire garage or fold a week's worth of the family laundry in a day? It so gratifying to accomplish these huge tasks.  But let's be honest, these big projects usually take hours or even an entire weekend and can be exhausting. 

Well, I have found that it is just a thrilling to tackle small organizing tasks quickly! Making it a daily habit to stay organized can make you more productive and less stressed. Check out some tasks that I try to do regularly that really take five minutes or less to accomplish!

 Clear out the contents of your purse and lighten your load.   image source

 Return those unanswered text and emails to clear your phone notifications.

 Wipe down your make-up drawer, toss old products, and cleanse brushes.  

 Pull items from your closet that get little wear and donate them. 

 Answer that one email that you have been putting off for a while.

 Remove apps that you rarely or never use.

 Throw away trash in your car including the trunk and take out anything that just does not belong there.

 Create tomorrows to-do list with tasks in order of importance.

 Delete photos from your iPhone that you no longer need.

 De-clutter and organize your desk + office. Throw away any unnecessary paperwork.

So tell me... What are some ways that you stay organized when you're short on time?  


Shelly C.