How to Turn Anxiety Into Confidence

We all have bad days. On those days, that nothing seems to be going right anxiety and fear of failure can quickly creep into our brain. This can make it difficult to turn things around. Overcoming strength starts with realizing that it is a natural part of life and that it can be controlled, even transformed into a positive feelings of excitement and motivation. 

According to this article from The Atlantic, you can rid yourself of anxiety by pretending that you are simply excited instead of stressed. This technique is called "anxiety reappraisal". It is simple, however many studies have shown it to be effective. This is how it works. The next time that you are feeling nervous about photographing a client at an unfamiliar locations, simply say this out loud:

"I am really excited about putting my knowledge and skills in photography on this project! "

Anxiety and excitement have the same affect on the brain because they are both, "aroused emotions that cause your heart to beat faster, cortisol levels to rise, and the body to prepare for action", according to Olga Khazan. 

If you want to flip anxiety on its head, you should try the following:

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1.  Take on an "opportunist mindset". 

When you tell yourself that you are excited your focus shifts to the positive outcomes rather than the anxiousness and threat of things possibly going wrong. Only thinking of the negative outcomes = major anxiety. Opportunity mindset allows you to anticipate a promotion after finishing a presentation because you know that you nailed it.

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2. Make being excited a habit.

Reappraising anxiety is not that easy for most people. Changing your perspective takes time and practice. Make it a daily habit to replace anxiety with excitement and confidence. Try starting your day with a to-do list with the most anxiety inducing tasks at the top. Then go through each one and write next to it how you are going to tackle that task like a boss. 

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3.  Avoid trying to calm down

The key to making shifting anxiety to feelings of excitement is to embrace the overwhelming physical attributes like sweaty palms and racing heartbeat. Take the path of least resistance and change your thoughts from negative outcomes to what will be the benefits of moving forward. Focus on all the things that can possibly go right for you. 

Start taking control of your anxiety today. It's a natural part of life but it doesn't have to hold you back from being more confident and exciting.  



Shelly C.