Best Smartphone Photography Tips

Take your smartphone photography to the next level with these tips. 

1. Perspective:: Experiment with taking photos by shooting with different angles. Every new perspective will give you a slightly different look and gives you more choices to pick from.

2. Level with your subject::  when taking photos of kids or pets, crouch down to eye level then take the picture. If you are the subject the same applies but if they are shorter then have them stand on a stool, curb, or stair to get leveled.

3. Storytelling:: photography is about the story that you want to tell. Shoot a series of images with a time period to  capture a story line. We all have our mobile devices at all times and it is the best for detailing a story in the moment. 

4. Rule of Thirds: when you place the subject that your are shooting along the grid lines in your camera app it helps you to the get the framing and balance right every time. Get in the habit of being aware of what's in the frame and capturing your vision by moving around. 

5. Black + White:: gives you a greater sense of shapes, lines, and lighting within the frame. 

6. Lighting:: this gives your image shape and depth. Natural light (ex. from an open window) is perfect for portraits. Light provides a soft reflection on faces and still life images like food. 

7. Put yourself in the picture:: this is easier said than done. It is easy to get into the rut of capturing everyone else but every once in a while take a selfie, pass the phone to a family member to get you with your kids, let the kids capture you, or grab a selfie stick to make room for everyone in a group pic.  

8. Move your feet:: Try to avoid zooming in. The more that you zoom, the more distorted and grainy the image quality becomes. If necessary crop but NEVER zoom. 

9. Get organized:: keep your favorite photo apps (ex. Instagram and VCSO), visible on your home screen for easy access. Always discretion when chosing what to share and not. You don't have to share every single photo you take. Make sure that what you share reflects your vision and image. 

10. Protect your gear:: invest in a protective phone case, I have the super reliable OTTERBOX COMMUTER CASE and a screen cover like this one from Otterbox. A pretty case is nice but not worth the risk of having to replace a iPhone (trust me!!)

Remember, the best camera is the one that you carry with you that includes your smaretphone. Now get out there and start shooting! If you find these tips helpful and feel inspired by this post, please let me know.


Shelly C.