Create A Homework Station

Today I’m excited to share with you a special space that has been created just for my littles, a homework station! I have my own personal home office but with 3 kids, two in public grade school and one toddler that is home schooled daily, it is very important that they have their own place to study. It is an area that is stocked with everything that they need for the school years upcoming projects and homework assignments. It is located in a part of my home that's quiet and has great natural light. I feel like it is a extra little step that sets my kids up for educational success and keeps them focused. 

We have used this work station for 2 years now and it definitely has helped us all stay organized. No more wasting time hunting down pencils, losing work, or just having the room to get things done. Everything has a place and is easily accessible.


 Wipe Clean Workbooks for Jaylin + Saylor.

 Flash Cards neatly packed away.  

 Easy access to supplies

 Extra notebooks, folders, and writing tools. 

 Desktop computer and printer for easy research.

 Name tracing sheets for Jaylin to complete everyday after school.