Happy World Photography Day

 Portrait taken by my son, Breyen.

Happy World Photography Day, a celebration dedicated to the love imagery and appreciation of art.There is so much beauty all around and if you have the chance, capture it with a camera, paint on a canvas, or even use words because everything can change so quickly. 

"What I love about Black & White photographs is that they're more like reading the book than seeing the movie." -Unknown

I capture a lot of moments at home in black and white. The imagery is other-worldly.  Lifestyle imagery in black and white just slows everything down and makes you take notice of the details. Everything is simplified and very intense.                   

I fell in love with photography long before I ever owned a point-and-shot or digital SLR camera. From a very young age the glossy images of magazines and coffee table books have held me captivated for hours on end and they still do. Once I did purchase my camera, I became enthralled with telling my own story through images. Becoming a photographer has absolutely led me down roads and literally over mountains that I may have never attempted to travel if not for the chance to capture something truly spectacular. Capturing landscapes that are untouched by humans allows you to see nature in its truest form and the more difficulties that you have to overcome to achieve your best shot the more satisfying. Being in the great outdoors has a natural energy because of the wind, sounds, and there are tons of hidden gems to be discovering. Nature photography us shows what it looks like and even feels like to be in a place and definitely inspires wanderlust. 

The images that have always had the most impact for me are the ones that capture humanity because it makes it easy to relate. Seeing a bridge that is so long you can barely see the end in sight or like the photo below of my son gazing out over a large body of water, I cannot help wondering what is he thinking and feeling. Things like this really pull me in emotionally.  Photography has always pulled at our emotions and that is why all across the world we celebrate photographers and stories that a photo tells. As the saying goes, a photo is worth a thousand words.  


Shelly C.