A Day In The Life:: WAHM Daily Routine

One question that I get asked a lot is, "How do you do it all?" And usually my response is "I don't even know!" with an unsure laugh. I think it takes dedication but whole lot of flexibility. I never take my "stuff" too seriously. It's no secret to anyone that managing a business, blog, and family  solo isn't easy. It may just be the recipe for insanity.  I'm not the best at time management but I have developed a daily routine for getting things done without losing my mind. 

There is no perfect day for me. Trying to stick to a strict schedule gives me all sorts of anxiety because let's face it things come up and kids/life are unpredictable. I have two very big jobs:: full-time mother and full-time entrepreneur. Both jobs are fulfilling and my life's passions. My day-to-day schedule is less about doing it all and more about being passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated to what I can do in a very short amount of time. 

So...here is a look at how it all goes down for me and my crew of littles.

 6:00 AM    My alarm goes off. I swipe left on the snooze.

6:09 AM    Alarms goes off (again) and I drag myself from bed. Drink a bottle of water that is on my nightstand.  

6:15 AM     I meditate and have a little pep-talk to push through my tiredness.

6:20 AM    I wake up my two oldest kids, Breyen (9) and Jaylin (5). We rush through the morning routine and somehow make it out the door in time for them to catch the bus by 6:50.

7:00 AM   Workday starts. When I get back in, Saylor is still asleep. I get to do a little bit of work while is still quiet in the house. Usually there is enough time to get through emails, plan or follow-up on social media networks. I also spend this time planning my writings and photo shoots for upcoming blog posts. And just about any other random things that I can squeeze in this time.

8:30 AM   Saylor (3) wakes up and is ready play, eat, and cuddle. There’s lots of cuddling with this one, which makes that 6:00 am wakeup call a little more bearable.

8:45 AM   Breakfast time. This is my chance to knock out some household chores while Saylor is eating and watching some Dora and Friends.

9:00 AM   During the morning hours, my hands are pretty much full with Saylor. So we spend time outdoors, coloring, and playing with her toys. We spend about an hour going over letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. If she losses interest in less than an hour I don’t sweat it, we just read or go back to playing.

12:00 PM   Lunch time, clean up messy areas, and then Saylor lays down for a nap (sometimes).

12:30 PM   I finally get to work on writing content for the blog or taking photos, research information and pictures for blog posts, and reply to unanswered emails and follow-up on social media. It takes a lot of discipline not to get distracted on Instagram or Pinterest and I must fight the urge to take a nap too.

2:50 PM    Saylor gets back up and we head over to pick up the boys. It’s a nice short walk to the bus stop. Getting a bit of fresh air is a good mood booster.

3:00 PM   Snacks, reading, and homework with Breyen and Jaylin.

3:30 PM   Quiet time. I am trying to teach all of my kids to take make good use of the peaceful times at home. Reading, writing, drawing, playing board games and yes, even watching their favorite tv shows are encouraged. It helps everyone unwind and gives me time to prepare dinner or do a little laundry.

6:30 PM    Dinner time.

7:00 PM   Quiet time as a family.

8:00 PM        Bedtime Routine; baths, brush teeth, pack backpacks, iron uniforms, and kids get into bed.

9:00 PM-Until  Me time. I may check my social media accounts one last time but mostly, I do my night time routine, climb into bed with a book, or binge out on TV until I fall asleep.


The next day we start all over again!

Our summer break from school is a lot more relaxed. I still try to blog or shoot during the same times and I have to spend time reading plus doing educational assignments or field trips, so I may not be able to stick to the routine above. 

 Saylor playing quietly.  

 There are many interruptions during my work day but perservance is key to success.