Yoga with my daughter

Sometimes life gets tough and stressful, as a yogi (person who practices yoga), I usually take those hard times to my mat. I spend time meditating and finding balance through a sequence of asanas (yoga poses). I've practiced yoga off and on for 10 years. It is my go to stress reliever. I believe that I discovered yoga at the perfect time in my life as I happened to be going through one of the most difficult times of my life. Yoga centered me and helped me to cope with the hardships that I was facing. I was in my mid-twenties when I attended my first yoga class, now with three children the stresses haven't lessened, if anything it has multiplied and I still turn to yoga. Only now I try to teach my littles the benefits of yoga as a tool to deal with emotional stress, low self esteem, anxiety, and developing a strong sense of self. 

We need yoga for the physical and mental benefits. I'm learning from my daughter, Saylor that kids can start their own practice at any age.  

Three tips to remember when practicing yoga with kids. 

1. Have fun! 

Practice to music that your kid likes in addition to zen tunes. Don't put too much emphasis on perfect form. Always be safe but allow kids to show their quirks in different poses. Perfection will come with time and practice.  

2. Mindfulness + Relaxation  

Practice should be fun but a very important aspect that shouldn't be overlooked is relaxing. Even if for 1-2 minutes, let your children lay still on the mat and imagine that they are in another place. It can be hard to make little ones still, however, with some guidance they will get the hang of it.  

3. Enjoy the time together  

It may seem like your child is not getting anything out of a yoga session with you but remember that any time together is good for you both.  


Yoga with my daughter helps us to seal our bond. She trusts me to not let her fall or get hurt. She admires the strong bodies we are building. It is a chance for me to show her how to find strength and peace with in. Namaste. 


Shelly C.