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Hello, friends!

Hope you're having a great weekend! So far our weekend has consisted of yoga with my daughter, water balloon fights, perfecting my grilled chicken panini recipe, and lots of iced coffee. Since school started a few weeks ago, I am doing my best to keep our weekend activities fun and refreshing. We are trying to savor the last days of summer. 

Enjoy some of my favorite things on the internet from this weekend.

Excited about the release of this new cookbook!

Tips for meeting strangers that even an introvert like me can use.

Say what? Kids that really have no filter. 

Have you ever had a fruity ice cream float? Neither have I! But I definitely want to try this one

Plus a few things on the blog that you might have missed!

Grilled Chicken Panini with Lemon Oregano Sauce! (YUM)

Teaching self-esteem and trust by doing yoga with my daughter

New series! Ten for Thursday

How we're savoring the last days of summer 


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