Road Trip| Savannah, GA

I have always been a bit of a wanderer. I love to explore and try new things. And before becoming a mother I did so mostly on my own. That wanderlust spirit and thirst for knowledge through experience has never left me. Although it has slowed down some. Today, I flourish in teaching my littles to truly, deeply love the skin they're in while learning about and experiencing other cultures. We have visited Savannah, GA too many times to count but every trip we discover something new. And this past Sunday was no different as we went sight-seeing (and tasting). 

We get better at being travelers with every trip. Adventures with my family  makes life even more endearing. It is a little late but I wanted to share a recap of our day with you in this beautiful city.

 Saylor trying to read this map but in the end we decided to forgo directions and just follow our hearts.

 I'm thankful to the kind stranger that took this photo just before Saylor & Jaylin decided to run in the fountains at City Market fully clothed.  😏

Cutest little sailors.

Riverstreet Sweets

Gelato was worth the walk down the this stone covered Riverstreet while trying to keep my crew all together.  

World War II Memorial 

Sunday marked 15 years since 9/11 and seeing this memorial always takes me back to that day when I was a senior in high school. Not long after the tragic event, many of my classmates graduated and went off to serve this country. My children do not grasp the magnitude of the WWII or 9/11 yet but we did take time to give thanks for those who protect us (past and present). 

City Market

 They could not help themselves!


Steak House + Sushi Bar

After spending the day in Downtown Savannah, we headed over to Miyabi's for the first time to have dinner. The food was amazing, the staff incredibly sweet, and we just had a wonderful time! 

GO visit...thank me later. 

These smiles say it ALL! LOL This was a very well-spent Sunday. I hope that you all have a great week and make plans to venture out soon too. Til our next adventure...peace, love + light to you all. 


Shelly C.  

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