In my opinion, dressing for the fall season means lots of effortless layering plus slightly heavier knits and leather. But since the temperatures don't drop that much here in Southeast Georgia, it just takes a few key pieces to get cozy style. This fall think utility jackets, felt hats, and boots to keep it simple and never look overdone.  Or, just take a que from this list of my favorite fall styling ideas. 

 1. Shades of Neutral

 2. Oversized Layers On Top + Skin Tight Pants

 3. Think {Pastel} Pink

 4. Utility Jacket Over A Dainty Dress

 5. Over-The-Knee-Boots + School Girl Skirt

 6. Head-To-Toe Black

 7. Coordinating Cool Weather Style

 8. Professional Blazer + Distressed Shorts

 9. T-Shirt Dress + Chunky Sweater

 10. Elongated Leather

What pieces are you excited about wearing this fall? 


Shelly C. 


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