How To Curb A Creative Block

Oh, the creative block! One of the worst enemies of the mind. Many of us use our creativity for careers and even in our leisure time on diy projects, but no one is exempt from those dreadful moments when the magic is nowhere to be found.  

When an artist hits a creative block, it is inconvenient because it can last for days or weeks and affects productivity and overall well-being. There are ways to find inspiration and spark creativity again. Everyone requires something different to get their minds working creatively. I am sharing the tips and tricks that work best for me to keep me moving forward and creating the things I love.

1. First of all, keep your thoughts positive. Creative blocks are often brought on by disappointments or losses but trying to look at the brighter side of things can keep you from getting into a slump.

2. Take a break from the task at hand. Sometimes walking away from a project for a short time to focus on other areas of your life can give you a fresh outlook on what needs to be done creatively. 

3. Actively seek inspiration. Go on a nature walk, listen to music, visit an art exhibit, or peruse a magazine to get inspired by what is around you. 

4. Be realistic. Don't try to force creativity. It needs to flow from you freely and that may require you to get real with your client and self about how and why things are no progressing. 

5. Be confident in yourself. No artist -writer, photographer, designer, and so on- is exempt from the detrimental effects of creative blocks. Accept that it is a faze that will pass and remember that you are capable of completing the project.

6. Write it all down. Keep a tablet with you at all times to jot down ideas, inspiration, and checklists. Creative magic can come from out of nowhere. Jot it down quickly so that you may be able to use it at a later time.

So these are some tips that I use to curb a creative blocks. My desire to express myself always wins out over any lack of inspiration or confidence that I may feel from time to time. Hopefully, you will try these tips too.


Shelly C.  

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