Blogging Break...I'm Back!

Hi, Friends!

Long time no see. A few months ago, I had some major changes to occur that took my full attention away from my blog and business. Starting a new full-time job, relocated to a new home and school for the kids. It started to become clear to me last fall that I needed to take a short break from the blog and business.

I set out to create this little space on the internet to share pieces of my life and have loved the support that you all have shown. It is amazing to hear that you love my content and it was worth all the effort to start this website.

It became clear to me that I needed to take some time to review my personal and business goals last year. I concluded that in order to accomplish some very important goals and be more present in my children’s lives that I taking a break (just for a little while) really resonated with me.  You all know how much I believe in staying positive and diving head first into your dreams. Well, I had some dreams that were being pushed to the side for months. It was time to make a shift of focus to make those things happen at the start of the year. It was so worth it to invest all my time into working, paying down debts, moving into a new home, and most importantly loving on my littles.

Also a lot of what I write about deals with making good life choices, staying positive, and being authentic. Honestly, the stress of running a blog, business, and home solo was starting to impact my health (anxiety + stress eating). I want to live up to what I write and photograph. That required me taking a step back and doing a little #selfcare.

As I continue to make progress on each of those tasks, I will gradually move back to blogging at Lately and growing Shelly C. Studio.  You can expect monthly post then soon weekly again.

I’ve missed you all and know that many have stayed in touch on social media especially Instagram. That is so greatly appreciated! As always, thanks for sharing in my journey.



Shelly C.

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