Simple Pleasures:: Blueberry Picking

 Fresh haul:: blueberries, squash, & zucchini 🌿 

I took the kids out on a little adventure a few weekends ago to pick blueberries at the Bulltown Berry Farm in Ludowici, GA! These two keep me so busy but today the sun got the best of all of us. I think the blueberry popsicles, smoothies, and jam we'll make is going to be worth it. Taking food fresh from the farm to table is the best! 

So, here's a glimpse at our time together. I love taking day trips like this because it reminds of fulfilling and bountiful the simple things in life can feel. It's so nice to get out in nature for fresh air and bask in the glow of the sun. 

Sending you all love, light, & hoping that you have a beautiful summer.