What I'm lovin', lately


 Lately, I have shared many conversations with people from all walks of life. And somehow these conversations keep coming around to one topic in particular and that is, truly loving the life we live.  Of course, it got me to thinking what is it that I truly love about my life. 

 So I want to share with you the things that have been making me incredibly happy for quite some time now.

1. I'll start with the summer rains that we're experiencing in southeast Georgia. It's been incredibly peaceful. 

2. Speaking of rain, I may as well mention the ocean. Last weekend, the kids and I vacationed in Saint Petersburg, FL with family. We spent hours in the ocean. I believe in the power of water and it's ability to calm, cleanse, and revive our spirits.  

3.  I cannot say enough about my Canon 6D (similar) and FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 cameras. It is such a beautiful piece of equipment and I've loved learning to use it over the last 12 months. I've captured so many memories with this camera and feel proud of my growth as a photographer.

4. Living intentionally creative, every chance that I get. Someday when I get the courage to share more of my personal story, you will see how creativity saved me. How my camera gave me a voice when I'd lost the words to express any emotions. Now I live each moment as a opportunity to pour creative light and energy into the world. 

5. Another really long story for another day but after several years of rebuilding my life, I now have a home that my children and I can call our own. I'm loving making it cozy, decorating and filling this space with my favorite things like plants, tribal prints, and staying true to my love of minimal and clean decor. 

6. Fresh flowers! I've never been a flower kinda girl like I'd cringe at the sight of them because they usually arrived with an apology or condolences. But lately, they're arriving frequently as a gesture of love and kindness. I cannot be more thrilled. Who doesn't want more of that in their life? 

7. The color pink is another one of those things that I avoided like the plague but there is something about blush and peachy corals that make my heart race. My closet is starting to get a little hue but I still love the classics- black, white, & denim!  

8. Lastly, as you all know, I'm loving growing as a woman and mama to my three children.  Not much to say here, they're my everything! By learning to love their individual differences this year I'm beginning to recognize and appreciate some of my own quirks. Funny how bringing children into the world can make you look deeper inside.  

Well, I hope you all are truly loving your lives, spaces, places, and most especially the people that you're with. Life's too short to do anything but live & love truly.  


Shelly C.