A Simple Guide To House Plants

A house just doesn't feel complete without a plant or two...or more! Simply for their air cleansing abilities they are worth keeping around. Plants can also help you to relax and be more attentive. However, I have learned that keeping them alive can be quite difficult. It has taken me a few months to find plants that can stay alive in my home. I wanted to share with you my fail-proof guide to taking care of houseplants. Also, here you will find the 5 best plants that are easy to grow for even the most challenged plant lovers. 

 Dienffenbachia + Philodendron at my backdoor the sunniest spot in the home

First, a few tips to help your plants have longevity and keep their luster. 

Don't overwater

It is better for  your plants to be underwatered because too much water can cause your plants to rot from too much moisture.

Remove dead leaves

This will make room for more to grow and to keep up their beauty. No one likes the look of brown dying leaves.

Use the correct size posts

The plants will grown and once they begin to outgrown the pots they will begin to dir off. As your plants grow, move them to larger pots and reuse the old ones for decor, storage, or to start growing new smaller plants.

Learn your plants needs

Take the time to research if your plant needs minimal light or a lot. Keep in mind if your home has enough natural light to sustain a plant that needs a lot of sunlight to stay alive. If not, consider the many low-light options available.

 My Majestic Palm in full bloom


The 5 Low Maintenance Plants You Need

1.Snake Plants

Best known for being adaptable because they require little to no light, minimal watering, and their viberant green, silver, an gold leaves never cease to disappoint. It is a personal favorite as an air-purifier because it high rating in ability to rid the air of toxins like benzene and formaldehyde.

2.Majestic Palms

In order to acheive instant jungalow style, this plant is perfect. Although it grows slowly, the leaves grow larger and even more beautiful over time. This plants like a lot of light and require several hours of direct sunlight daily. Since it is a tropical plant try to maintain it in warm wet air.


Also popular for its easygoing nature, the dienffenbachia can thrive in bright, indirect light. For optimal growth, keep the top two inches of soil moist at all times. You can also propergae more from the root as well.


If you are forgetful plant-parent or rarely home, then succulents will be your best bet since lack of water is not that big of a deal. They are a fun addition to any decor because they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

5. Philodendron**

This plant just looks amazing with its big bold leaves and requires medium, indirect light so you do not need yo have the sunniest home for it o thrive. Only water once a week for the best results.

 Shopping for succulents in Lowe’s


Where to Buy




Local Nurseries

Flea Markets

I hope this was helpful! As I learn more about plant care, I’ll definitely share here. It is  a new found passion of mine and the benefits of having healthy live plants in my home are great. Share with me your best tips for maintaining house plants. What are your favorites? Which do you steer clear of?


Shelly C.

 Snake plant  

Special note:

**Due to the high amounts of toxins absorbed these plants are highly poisoneous to children and pets. So be sure to keep them on high shelves and out of reach for little loved ones.

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