A Could-Do List For Fall

Go on a picnic

Bake a pie

Take a fishing trip

Visit a pumpkin patch

Go apple picking in a orchard

Attend fall festivals

Decorate with fall blooms

Host a dinner party

Roast Marshmallows

Paint Pumpkins

Attend the Scarecrow Stroll 

These are just a few of the fun activities that I hope to get to this fall! I love to spend as much time out wandering with my family at this time of year because the weather is always perfect and the sights are too beautiful to miss. I call this a could-do list because as a mom, I know all to well the pressure to do it all but if we miss out on something’s that’s okay...there is always another day or year.  


We got a jumpstart on our Fall Bucket List by having a picnic while fishing in the park this weekend. 

The best way to experience fall is to just enjoy it! 

So tell me what’s on you could-do list this season? What are you favorite events to attend?