Live A Joyful Life With This One Simple Thing

Gratitude is one of those words that we have begun to overuse as a society. Similar to words like blessed, love, and goals that have little impact and become nothing more than a trending hashtag. I have experienced personally the powerful magic of practicing gratitude in my daily life. It is like a muscle that with a little exercise  grows stronger each time you use it. When we are grateful for the people and little things, we can find the joy in everything.

Keep reading below to see how gratitude is intrinsically linked to joy and some simple ways that you can make this a habit starting today. 


Gratitude is something that you do, it is not a feeling.

Having an "Attitude of Gratitude" is a concept that I had subscribed to for a while but I realize that just trying to feel grateful will not make the life changes I want to see, if my actions contradict those words. So gratitude is something that I have actively begun to persue in every moment. In good times or bad, I seek out the silver-lining. 


True joy is not being happy all day, everyday.

Many years ago, I was having a difficult time dealing with a bad life experience. I reached out to a good friend and asked, "Will I ever be happy again?" to which she knowingly replied "Yes, you will actually find joy not just happiness." She could tell I wasn't certain of the difference. So she explained, "You will find a joy that cannot easily be taken away because it has nothing to do with finance, relationship status, or circumstance." It became a goal of mine to find this kind of joy. The joy that no matter the circumstances I can find peace, love and hope in my life. The sure fire way I have found of getting to that point is by living gratitude.

So, How Has Gratitude Changed My Life?

  • Increased Energy
  • Attract More Positivity
  • Open-Mindedness 
  • Zero Tolerance of Negativity


  • Less Anxiety
  • Self-Acceptance
  • More Giving
  • Greater Peace
  • Contentment 

A Few Ways To Practice Gratitude Everyday:

Keep A Gratitude Journal

Verbalize Your Gratitude

Meditate & Pray Daily

Be Intentional

Acts Of Kindness


So friends, here is a final thought...

Tell me, how do you practice gratitude? What are you most grateful for? 


Shelly C.