Techie Little Helpers For Mothers


Motherhood is legit the best job (albeit underpaid & underappreciated) but let’s be honest; So many of us feel completely overwhelmed by our duties. Although we try our hardest to be mindful and practice gratitude, it can seem like this is only for those celebrity, unicorn moms that we just can’t relate to. 

Well, I’m trying every day to live my best mom life! I’ve found that these four apps help to manage the load on my phone or tablet. 

These apps can put the happy in your hours: 



 Train your brain with short meditation sessions. It also provide peaceful ambient sounds and images from nature. This app is useful to reduce stress and promote healthier sleep habits. 


Yoga Wake Up

 Wake up on the right foot with the first ever Yoga alarm clock. Mornings are more peaceful and mindful. 


Plant Nanny

 Dehydration can cause an uptick in stress hormones. The Plant Nanny app sends to your phone reminders to drink water each day. If you drink up then so does your plant but should you forget then you risk dehydration and having the plant die too. 



 Not just a scheduling app, Cozi manages every aspect of your family's life with multiple calendars, to-do, and grocery lists, recipes, and chores. There is nothing like it and the best part is that it's free. 

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