My Current Fitness Routine

Just for transparency, I must say that despite the fact that this post’s title implies what I do for fitness is an actual a routine, it’s hardly that. More like an aspiration because my workouts have been sporadic and sometimes nonexistent. I aspire to make this a routine that I love and stick with for a while.

I’ve always been very active especially in my twenties. I even practiced yoga and remained an avid runner throughout all three of my pregnancies. However, over the last two years I’ve fallen way off the fitness/wellness wagon. It’s been quite disappointing in some ways such as experiencing constant sickness, reduced stamina, and even going through several bouts with anxiety and depression. Fitness had always been a way for me to stave off those ailments. One perk I will admit that I love is that for the first time in my life I am at a truly healthy weight. Not too thin and not too heavy...just right to me. Now I want to get to feeling strong and healthy for good. 


I want to share what my current fitness practice consists of, some favorite YouTube workouts as well as a few goals that I want to accomplish. 

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  1. 30 min. of cardio 2x a week

  2. 45 min. of yoga practice 2x a week

  3. 15 min. of toning for abs, arms, legs 2-3x a week

  4. Be all in and consistent

Favorite YouTube Workouts:

YouTube is a great resource for free workouts and tips for getting fit. I prefer to workout alone (the Aquarius, loner, introvert in me lol) and that is what led me to finding ways to excercise at home or at a park without any other distractions. I think you’ll find the workouts and channels that I share below super helpful on your fitness journey too.



  • Perfect 10 Abs! by Blogilates is a favorite because it’s intense and gets straight to the point. I love Cassey’s fun spirit. It’s been easy for me to come back to this workout over and over. Plus I feel like I’m getting the results I want which is a toned, flat tummy.


  • The Ultimate Arms & Shoulders Workout by PopSugar Fitness is another fun and up-beat video. The instructor keeps you drawn in and encourages you to push through. This workout requires a small set of weights. I use a 5 lbs set that I purchased at Target and it’s definitely beneficial. Trying to tone without any equipment has not shown me any results in the past.

Butt + Legs



  • Yoga With Adriene is my favorite channel and I’ve practiced yoga to her videos for over a year now. There is something there for everything you could possibly need...stress management, finding peace, flexibility and strength building. So much!


I’m on the hunt for the best apps to track my progress and motivate me since I’m working out solo. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments. 

Health is wealth! Easing back into this with my expectations in check and knowing wholeheartedly that it won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it.  


Shelly C.