Creating A Minimalist Look & Wardrobe

Shelly C Lately

“Simplicity is the Ultimate form of Sophistication.”

— Leonardo da Vinci

Since the summer of 2018, I have enjoyed the simplicity of having a capsule wardrobe — a limited number of clothes and shoes that you can mix and match to create an infinite number of looks. The purpose is to take the stress out of getting dressed and decreasing the clutter in closets by simplifying. My experience started sort of haphazardly. While moving from one home to another, I was forced to give up a lot of stuff that just could not fit into my new, smaller dwelling. This lead me to having to choose the things I loved and really let go of the unnecessary baggage.  Admittedly, it was quite cathartic to say "adios" to the things that were just taking up space and no longer fit my lifestyle as an entrepreneur and millennial mom. That was four years ago and I haven't regretted letting a single thing go and am so happy with the intentionally curated closet that I have now. 

I love that so many different looks that could be created with just a few pieces, (about 30) and this outfit is a favorite from my summer capsule wardrobe. I love it because of the simplicity and uniformity. You can never go wrong with a minimalist color scheme, and I have been building my looks around black, white, shades of denim, and sometimes a dash of millennial pink. I have been finding all kinds of ways to wear these key pieces without the fear of not feeling like myself.

While I was selecting the pieces to bring into my capsule wardrobe, I really had to consider my life and what I dress for each day. This particular look is something I would wear to run errands, parent drop-off, or grocery shopping because it’s comfortable enough to move around in and just nice enough that I can stop in to grab lunch with a friend without feeling to frumpy. I have been curating hats, comfy shoes, & relaxed denim like this since becoming a mother and they’re amazing! I can wear this pair of shoes all day without worrying about falling and these heel is the perfect height. I would wear this to a school festival or to a play date with the kids or even a rooftop dinner with friends.

So, there ya go! It is that easy to rethink your wardrobe. What do you think?  Could you handle two or three months rotating the same clothes?  Have you tried it already?  I’d love to know what other people’s experiences have been with minimalism. 


Shelly C.


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