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I would be lying if I said that I haven't been counting the years that I have been single. It's been 3.5! So many years of being single can either make a heart stone cold or bring out the very best in you. It is both strange and exciting to say that for so long my heart has belonged to no one but myself.  It feels strange because most of my twenties was spent in two long term situationships ( at least 2-3 years each) and between those situations I invested a lot of time trying desperately to find someone to claim me as their soulmate. Singleness feels exciting now because I have never felt more at peace, free, and truly loved by the people in my life. 

Y'all single life did not start out easy for me. I dreaded it. I was terrified of my prospects. It wasn't that I was afraid to be alone. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my alone time but I just loved the feeling of being in love. I feared that I may never know that feeling again. 

However, it did not take long for me to begin to see the lessons in this journey and to see it as truly the fresh start that I needed. This year I am committed to putting those keys to work and being more intentional about my romantic life. Dating should be fun but also purposeful. 

I've learned a lot, A LOT during this time. I want to share with you some things that living my best single mom life has taught me.

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1. I am self-reliant, fiercely independent, & killing it on my own.

2. I know what I want in life and get to pursue those things without having to consider the wants or needs of a partner.

3. I know how to be a true friend. I cultivate and nurture a beautiful community of men & women.

4. I am closer to knowing exactly what I want in a partner.

5. I know that I need to set boundaries early and teach people how to love me plus be open to learning new ways to give love.

Shelly C. Lately Living My Best Single Mom Life

6. Confidence is EVERYTHING! Never again will I allow a man to convince me that I am unattractive, undeserving, and too flawed. 

7. Live in the now! I never obsess over the future & past so much that I miss the beauty of today.

8. I'm a total babe, catch, heck...M.I.L.F. I own that I am strong, smart, & sexy. 

9. Any man would be lucky to have this ready made family & I couldn't possibly give my heart to a man that isn't thrilled to have this mama + three. 

10. I don't have to chase cheap thrills because I am high on life, motherhood, & completing passion projects. 


11. It is okay to invest in myself to become the best version of me.

12. Aspire to be the kind of person that I want to attract

13. My life has a purpose and it doesn't begin and end with marriage

14.  I can inspire and change the lives of others through my actions

15. I can rebuild my life from the ground up. #likeaboss


16. I must always keep my best interest in mind because no one else will. 

17. I can handle a lot but there is just some things that I will not take like dishonesty, disrespect, belittling, and negativity to name a few.

18. Every date won't lead to a love connection but it could be the beginning of a friendship or another lesson learned.

19. I do not have to go through hell and back for anyone's validation.

20. I am proud that I never settled and now have the freedom to take my time to find my souls match anywhere in the world.


Shelly C. 

So...tell me! What is the longest that you have been single? What is the best lessons that you've picked up while being in singledom?

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