Co-Parenting + Sharing Moments

Hey, friends! 

I know that I haven’t posted in a while! I have so many exciting things going on that I’ll definitely be sharing here soon.  

Today, I want to talk co-parenting and sharing all the moments- the good, the bad, everyday living, the tough talks, & celebrations. 


A week ago, we did this but it’s nothing new for us. I have shared here before the incredible shift that came about with my partner in parenting awhile ago. We’re committed to doing things that put our kids at ease when we have to be together and even doing things like going to vote as a group to show we’re all in this life together forever. 

If I’m honest, never in a million years did I think after moving from the home we once shared together that we’d be sharing anything ever again especially moments like this with our children. The melodrama was too real but this is what happens when you just choose to vibrate higher.


My kid’s dad is my parenting partner albeit an imperfect situation it is built around the common goal of raising happy, healthy little people.  Luckily, we have a genuine friendship that’s been able to grow over the years. We hold each other down through the heavy moments while trying to always keep things light for our children’s peace of mind. In addition to being an ally when one or all three little ones gets out of hand.  And when the school calls because of one fiasco or another. These things out weigh the bad days and let’s me know we must keep going on as a united front.

I know co-parenting ain’t easy! Even though I wish more parents would try, it’s understandable when it just doesn’t work for some. More than anything protect your peace!! I can tell you that for us it was too exhausting to do the struggle method and surrendering was key to finding comfort in our roles as partners in parenting. 

It is a mutual respect for each other’s upbringings, ideologies, hopes and dreams for our kids individually and collectively, and an understanding of who we are as people outside of this role that makes us tight. It is also an appreciation of sacrifices being made on both sides. He knows that I make this ship run day-to-day but I can’t deny that now that the doors of communication are open and a partnership has been established that he’s the first one to be called when things go haywire because he follows through to the best of his ability.

I won’t pretend that what we’ve established is perfect because let me tell is the hardest part of parenting. Trying to parent from two different households. However, when we come as a unit to their games, ceremonies, school lunches, voting and so on, I look at those little faces, all I see is hope, forgiveness, & grace looking back at two imperfect people that are showing up the best way we know how to give them everything.  


That makes sharing all the things so very important to us and worth celebrating. 


Shelly C.  


The featured photo was captured by Saylor on a nature walk. 🌼