A Holiday Recap In Photos

Shelly Carpenter of Shelly C. Studio & Shelly C. Lately

This holiday season has been unusual for my family. As a mom, for years I’ve been tasked with finding and getting us to every event, planning activity on activity, & just doing #AllTheThings that involve Christmas. However, 2018 has been a really discovery of the beauty in slow-living. To some, we may have done nothing all season but to us we did exactly what was needed: connecting in a  deeper way. 

I can’t express enough that motherhood is a gift that simply keeps giving to me. It is an opportunity for me to rediscover myself and view the world through my children’s eyes. It is beautiful to be in a constant state wonder and seek truth the way they do. 

Friends, we hope that you had a very Merry Christmas. It is my hope that peace will find you all wherever you may be and that anything that blocks your view of the beauty that this world has to offer is removed. We all deserve to live with child-like wander. 

Here is a recap of our holiday season in photos…

Holiday Photos in Bradwell Park

+ New york eats

Enjoyed warming up inside New York Eats! The kids loved being taste-testers for Chef Jeff’s new peppermint cheese cake recipe. I’m so happy that these kids are so open to trying new things because it makes outings that much more fun and exciting.

Sharing Sweets + Kisses with Saylor. Perhaps because she is the baby girl or maybe it is just her nature but this girl is so loving…so affectionate. It just melts my little heart.

Christmas Eve Mass

This is the first year that the kids and I attended Christmas Mass at the Cathedral of St. John The Baptist in Savannah, GA. I wanted to give them a new experience that was less about waiting around for Santa to arrive. They were in awe of the beauty around and inside the Cathedral. And it was very heart-warming for them to experience a simple service of music, prayer, and a message of dedicating ourselves to giving to others. This has been a unique year for us because over the summer we have a young friend and two relatives pass away. The kids lit a candle and said a prayer in their memory. It was just a sweet moment and something I hope we will do again very soon.

A Simplified Christmas

Shelly C Studio Christmas Photography

This year, going simple…it actually worked. For the first time, I got up on Christmas Day and felt completely at peace. I made a real commitment to slowing down this season and it made room for gratitude to take root in all of our hearts. Gratitude for #livingthelittlethings and for the glimmer of light that shined on our broken world on that very first Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays, Friends!

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