SC Lately Readers' Top 10 of 2018

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Today, I am re-capping the top 10 most read posts on Shelly C. Lately in 2018. I have enjoyed sharing the good, the slow, and the eye-opening moments of my life here with you all. It has been so good for my heart and soul to find meaning in everyday living. I have been able to create a life that I love as a single mother, one that consists of travel, being an entrepreneur, and most importantly raising kids that know they can do anything they want in life (anywhere in the world).

This year I made an effort to make this a place for honesty and somewhere that women on similar journeys feel inspired to dream bigger, to love harder, and seek out the light. I hope to never give a false perception of having it all together. This is a space for those who have chosen to face life’s ups and downs straight on with a heart full of grace, forgiveness, and an openness that allows us all to grow in purpose. I have spent the last twelve months forming meaningful connections and a lovely community of you readers.  I was so worried about sharing my experience of broken-hearts, self-love, finance, traveling, becoming a minimalist, motherhood’s joys and pitfalls, and the greatest act of self-care: co-parenting. It was necessary and you all seem to be behind all of it…cheering me on and sharing your experiences too (big sigh of relief). I’m so grateful for you and life making room for this form of expression.

So without further ado….

SC Lately Readers’ Top 10 of 2018

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10. Co-Parenting + Sharing Moments

Y’all thank you so much for showing up for me in such a big way all of 2018. I felt more and more courage with every post to share. In 2019, I plan to find more ways to include you in the journey and give back as well. If you have any suggestions on the type of content you would like to see or questions that I can answer, I would be thrilled to hear from you. You can email me any time.


From my family to yours…

Happiest Wishes for A Wonderful New Year!


Shelly C.