My Intentions for The Year

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I can feel it something vibrating at my core, there is something in the wind. A shift…a CHANGE that is one the horizon in 2019. I shared with you that I am setting new intentions for this year because I want to focus on getting closer to my purpose. It took a little time but I have created a list of goals and intentions to set me on my way.

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  1. Choose peace.

  2. Express gratitude often.

  3. Protect my children’s joy.

  4. Connect with nature.

  5. Share my journey, authentically.

  6. Create freely & daily.

  7. Give our youth my attention & support

  8. Embrace my strengths and weaknesses

9. Be a peacemaker

10. Write my visions + action steps.

11. Practice forgiveness.

12. Donate my time, talents, & money.

13. Honor my spirituality.

14. Listen to my ancestors & elders.

15. Define myself & forget what others believe I should be.

16. Run after my dreams.

17. Wander often with those I love.

18. Do more of the things that my me laugh & happy.

19. Cut off connects to toxic family, friends, and activities.

19. Shine bright because the moon & stars live in my soul.

Photography by Kirsten J.

Photography by Kirsten J.

So I have no resolutions here but my intentions have been set! These intentions will give me the courage and determination to become the person I desire to be. They will lead me to more moments that fill my heart & soul with a joy that shines bright in the form of creativity, wellness, love and lots of laughter!

Tell me in the comments…what are your goals and intentions? How do you plan to stay on track?

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