Setting Reading Goals + Our Book Wishlists

Shelly C. lately Live Oak Public Library Hinesville GA Reading Wishlist

Setting Reading Goals + Our Book Wishlists

Starting with a trip to our local library.

As a family, we love to spend time at our local library. It is a nice and quiet place to get lost in a book and take a break from the world. Often times, we run into local friends that are doing the same. There is a wide variety of books, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers that meet our individual interests. It is such a joy to see my children reading and learning new things from the books they pick out. As a child, I spent hours and hours with my head in a book. It is great thing that my children have a love of reading as well.

Keep reading for tips on creating reading goals and a few of the books we hope to read this year.

Five Tips for Setting & Keeping Reading Goals:

  1. Try a Reading Challenge like this one at Live Oak Public Libraries.

  2. Create a reading bucket list. See our list below.

  3. Choose a theme, genre, or author to focus on.

  4. Find you and your children’s golden hour or the time you all enjoy reading the most.

  5. Join and Create a Book Club

Shelly C. lately Live Oak Public Library Hinesville GA Reading Wishlist  Children and Books

Have older siblings help out

It is a bonding moment for them and helps little ones to accomplish their reading goals too.

Our Family Reading Goals:

  1. Read 100 Books in 2019 (total)

  2. Participate in the summer reading challenge with our local library.

  3. Replace bad habits with reading time (ie. television watching or gaming)

  4. Read 45 minutes a day

  5. Read a genre each month that is different from our usual preference.

We have a long reading bucket list but I want to share some of the books we all really hope to complete this year. I have broken them down for each family member. I hope that this inspires you read them too and create a list of your own.

Saylor’s Reading List


Jaylin’s Reading List


Breyen’s Reading List


Shelly’s Reading list


Tell me…

What books are on your bucket list for 2019? How do you keep your reading goals? Share in the comments.

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