The 7th Rockchip Developer Conference Make everything get connected in AIoT


Fu Zhou, China, 23rd to 24th February,2023. The 7th Rockchip Developer Conference (RKDC2023) hosted by Rockchip Electronics Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Rockchip") was held in Fuzhou from February 23rd to 24th, 2023. With the theme of Everything gets connected in AIoT. Ranging from automotive electronics, consumer electronics to applications in various industries, more than 500 types of AIoT terminal products of our partners, as well as new products, new solutions and new technology were displayed, which were based on the chips of Rockchip.

The two-day conference invited industrial heavyweights to deliver forward-looking keynote speeches in the main forum on the first day. 13 Rockchip application booths and 37 ecological partner stands were set up. On the second day, 6 technical sub-forums and 2 workshops were held to create a richer and more pragmatic of product technology docking platform for industry partners.


1.    AIoT experts gathered in the main forum to create a cutting-edge and innovative forum

Based on their own fields, the experts delivered various keynote speeches with different focuses to create a cutting-edge and innovative forum and take advantage of the new innovative trend of AIoT in the new digital economy era.

Mr. Feng Chen, Rockchip SVP, made the welcome speech, extending hearty gratitude to the attendees who took precious time to come. He introduced the discussion of AIoT innovative trend with a poem wrote by an AI program.

Mr. Feng Chen, Rockchip SVP


Mr. Wen Lan , vice mayor of Fuzhou, made an opening speech for the conference, saying that IC is a strategic, basic and leading industry of digital economy, a core element to promote a new round of scientific and technological innovation and development, and of far-reaching significance to achieve high-quality economic development. Fuzhou will focus on the international brand of Digital Fuzhou, not only striving to build a collaborative innovation system combining production, learning, research and application, but also further optimizing the environment for industrial development and enhancing industrial competitiveness.

Mr. Wen Lan , vice mayor of Fuzhou


With the theme of The Soul of Product, Mr. Zhijiang Jin, CEO of BBK Educational Electronics and Genius Technology, introduced what the real "top-selling products" are. After reviewing the classical works in the development process of BBK, he believed that a lasting product must have a soul and meet customers at their pain points.

Mr. Zhijiang Jin, CEO of BBK Educational Electronics and Genius Technology


Mr.Wei Xiong, leader of Graphics & Computing Platform Center of Rockchip, delivered a keynote speech on Welcome to the New Stage of AI Development, demonstrating that Rockchip has been in resonance with AI development trend, continuously launch new generation of  CPU and NPU chips, and laying a solid foundation for partners in different industries to implement AIoT new smart hardware products.

Mr.Wei Xiong, leader of Graphics & Computing Platform Center of Rockchip


Dr. Feng Zhou, CEO of NetEase Youdao Information Technology, delivered a speech over the integration of AI and learning hardware with the theme of The Way of AI and Learning Hardware. He said the cooperation with Rockchip has further expanded the applications of Youdao technology, allowing Transformers to run more efficiently in smart hardware. The AI deep optimization program of the two companies is a deep cooperation and investment centering on user experience, which would bring more successful products to both companies.

Dr. Feng Zhou, CEO of NetEase Youdao Information Technology


Mr. Wenzhao Wu, Senior Engineer of State Grid ICT Industry Group, took The construction and application of IOTIPS based on AIoT as the theme to explain the inevitability of digital transformation on the basis of displaying new features of electronic systems, and AIoT-based IOTIPS  (Internet of Things in Power Systems) would bring new possibilities.

Mr. Wenzhao Wu, Senior Engineer of State Grid ICT Industry Group


Mr. Zhengyuan Lin, VP of Rockchip, gave a speech with the theme of Overview and Prospect of Rockchip Products in 2023, which explained the unique advantages of Rockchip products from the technical aspect. He introduced that the new products in 2023 include Visual Processors RV1106/03, Streaming Video Processor RK3528, AIoT processor RK3562 and some peripheral chips. At the same time, the comprehensive product plan of Rockchip in the era of AIoT was expounded during his speech.

Mr. Zhengyuan Lin, VP of Rockchip


Mr. Baoping, Cheng, chief expert of CMCC, made a speech whose theme is The Key Technology and Trend of Video IoT. He explained that AIGC, semantic communication and visual network are the key technology of video IoT. Meanwhile, he also shared the innovative practice of China Mobile in the field of video IoT and introduced a series of innovative products jointly launched with Rockchip, covering the fields of office, machine vision, smart home, etc.

Mr. Baoping, Cheng, chief expert of CMCC


Mr. Xiaoguang Zhao, VP of TF SECURITIES and director of TF SECURITIES researching institute, took Top Ten Changes in The Semiconductor Industry as the theme, analyzing the upcoming changes and trends of the semiconductor industry in detail, and saying that a new deep informatization era of all industries driven by semiconductors has come.

Mr. Xiaoguang Zhao,

VP of TF SECURITIES and director of TF SECURITIES researching institute


After the keynote speeches of the invited guests, the main Forum opened a Roundtable Forum on the topic of Everything Gets Connected in AIoT. The guests included Mr. Zhijiang Jin (CEO of BBK Educational Electronics and Genius Technology), Mr. Chen Qian (General Manager of hardware Platform Business Department of Xiaodu Technology), Mr. Kai Su (Director of Digital Platform Center of BYD Planning Center), Mr. Baoping Cheng (Chief expert of CMCC) and Mr. Yuanwen Dong(Chief representative of Blackberry QNX Greater China). They expressed their views and provided precious suggestions, cutting-edge ideas and insights for the development of the AIoT industry.

Roundtable Forum on the topic of Everything Gets Connected in AIoT


After the round-table forum, Mr. Min Li, Rockchip CEO, made the closing keynote speech whose theme was Under The Great Change, Decide, Break through and Persevere. He reviewed the central ideas of 2020 Conference and 2021 Conference which were respectively Seize The New Hardware Decade and Improve The Deployment of Key AIoT Products in the New Hardware Decade. Under the great changes in 2023, in the face of the outbreak of AIoT new hardware and the rapid growth of computing power demand, Rockchip will continue to adhere to the concept of unity and convergence, science and technology for kindness and aiming at joint development. Together with upstream and downstream partners, Rockchip will embrace new hardware decade to get everything connected.

Mr. Min Li, CEO of Rockchip


2.   13 Rockchip application booths, showing AIoT power

There were 13 Rockchip application booths in the 7th Developer Conference, including areas of automotive electronics, new products and technology, industrial applications, office and conference applications, RKNN and algorithm, RK3588, smart home, RV1126, consumer electronics, operators, machine vision, robots and industry development board.

In Automotive Electronics booth, we displayed various applications powerd by upgraded Rockchip solutions, includingin-vehicle products, covering solutions of passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, and smart cockpit.

In terms of solutions of passenger cars, with the characteristics of good dynamic definition and high dynamic range, Rockchip RV1103/RV1106/RV1109/RV1126 can be applied to develop hidden CVR, Card DVR, special DVR and electronic rearview mirror and other products. All the chips in this series have computing power and support running ADAS, BSD, DMS and other algorithms. As for the commercial vehicles, RV1109 and RV1126 chips have been completed in the layout of the new national standard Mobile-DVR. For smart cockpit, Rockchip offers entry-level, mid-range and high-end options, namely RK3358M, RK3568M and RK3588M. Among them, RK3588M can achieve multiple display function, supporting panels of central control, instrument, co-pilot, electronical rearview mirror and rear headrest. 

In the aspect of smart cockpit, NIO ES7's all-vehicle immersive entertainment trail products were displayed on the spot: equipped with RK3568 chip, users can enjoy 130 inch giant screen by wearing Nreal AR glasses. There are also built-in Nreal electronic anti-shake algorithm; Its voice uses Dirac audio technology to improve immersive audio experience. The front instrument screen of Dongfeng Fengxing Automobile adapts Rockchip RK3358M, which indicates that the stability of Rockchip's automotive electronic solutions has been recognized by the new energy industry.

In New Products and Technology booth, many new chips of Rockchip such as RK3528, RV1103/1106, RK3562, and Power Management & Peripheral Chips came into our sight. Series of new products including RK3528 box, double camera EVB, ISP technology, IPC and 4MP battery camera were displayed.

For the power management and peripheral chips, there were chips covering wireless radio frequency, audio CODEC, fast charge power, AC-DC, expansion interfaces. RK3562 is a new launched consumer electronics solution, which can be used in tablets, dictionary(translate) pens, sweeping machines, and other applications, adapting A53+G52 architecture, embedded 1T NPU and 13M ISP, expansion interfaces.

RK3528 is a new generation of smart set-top box and multimedia application chip, which can be applied to IPTV/OTT boxes, cloud terminals, and fusion products. It is a high performance and low power consumption 4K player with decoding capability up to 8K, and meets AVS2 and HDR VIVID standards. U3 and PCIE high-speed interface also provides more extensibility.

RV1103/1106 is a new generation of machine vision chip, which supports 400W and 500W sensor access, and has built-in NPU. It adopts the smart compression coding application developed by Rockchip to reduce the cost of bandwidth transmission and storage. It can be applied to USB camera, IPC, automotive electronics, video conference and other scenes.

In Industrial Applications booth, Rockchip exhibited a series of products with full specifications, covering various fields such as industry, power, education, medical care, finance and retail.

For power industry, Rockchip provides more complete solutions for the use, distribution and transmission of power. With the support of RK3588J, RK3568J, RK3358J, RK3562J series of industrial standard chips, Rockchip empowers industrial products with characteristics of native RT-Linux, multi-core heterogeneous systems, real-time SPI and SDIO interfaces as well as IRQ latency is less than 5us, not only meeting the strong real-time demand of industrial products, but also making the product run more stable.

There are large quantities of categories in this exhibition area, including interactive VR, medical/portable information terminal, telemonitoring system of inpatient ward, industrial tablet, bank desktop computer, SoC-Cluster, rugged tablet, electronic class sign, TPV/ medical tablet, Electric Power Control Gateway and routers.

In Office and Conference Application booth, the products on display include interactive flat panel display, cloud terminal, audio device, smart camera, dongle, etc. Based on the performance advantages of Rockchip office and conference solutions RK3588, RK3568, RK3566 and RK3308, different kinds of terminals are highly competitive in the market.

Taking the large screen and conference camera equipped with RK3588 as an example, the built-in super CPU/GPU brings smooth experience to users, supporting 8K video encoding and decoding, 8K display and multiple 4K screen display. The conference camera solution not only supports multiple camera input, up to 48 million image processing but also ePTZ and remote speech recognition. Support full ecosystem video conference system, and compatible with third-party video conference APK, such as Tencent, Dingtalk, Zoom, etc.

In RKNN and Algorithm booth, we showed a variety of AIoT chips with built-in NPU, from 0.5Tops, 1Tops, 2Tops, to 6Tops, which can meet different customer needs for a variety of products. Rockchip's self-developed algorithm has been used in diversified products. The applications of SLAM+ Obstacle Detection of Robots, ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistance System), BSD(Blind Spot Detection) were displayed in this area.

In RK3588 booth, there is the new generation flagship AIoT chip of Rockchip, namely, a series of landing products of RK3588, including high-end tablets, interactive flat panel display, livestreaming machines, SoC-Clusters, Multi-camera, Arm PC, etc.. This fully confirms the excellent performance and stability of RK3588.

The six-screen stitching demonstration using RK3588 chip in the exhibition area has attracted much attention. Supporting various scenes, 32 stitching modes can be freely switched and can be applied in the exhibition hall, smart stores and KTV.

In Smart Home booth, it showed the mature application of solutions in various scenes of smart home, which were divided into smart voice, smart sweeper, smart NAS, HD images, etc. There were also treadmill, smart picture frame, NAS, house controller, smart switch, smart oven, smart mirror, pet feeding machine, cleaning robot, motion sensing game box, etc, making life better with chips.

In RV1126 booth, the applications of RV1126 in Machine Vision were fully displayed. It supports 14M ISP and 4K encoding and decoding, providing 2T NPU, which is widely used in cameras, in-vehicle, robots, access control, etc.

There was the tower crane safety monitoring project jointly conducted by Rockchip and users from Baidu PaddlePaddle Open source Community. Based on RV1126 platform, PaddlePaddle open source model PicoDet was employed in the construction program of Guangzhou Port, to show the real-time situation and workers’ states and ensure the safety of construction.

In Consumer Electronics booth, there were numerous product applications, covering traditional consumer electronics and series of educational electronics products such as the translating pen, online class machine, smart desk lamp, learning machine, and companion robot, as well as emerging consumer electronics such as notepad, mobile TV, AR/VR. In addition, a number of AR/VR prototype products were displayed, including VR, AR, XR BOX, VR panoramic video live broadcast kit, eye tracking algorithm and 4K@60 VR display scheme, etc.

In Operator Application booth, there were achievements of various smart upgraded operator products based on Rockchip solutions, involving set-top box, IPC, cloud terminal, smart speaker, smart doorbell and so on.

In Machine Vision booth, there were a number of front-end and back-end applications based on Rockchip’s vision solutions RV1103 RV1106 / RV1108 RV1109 / RV1126, covering IPC, access gate, smart doorbells, 3D structured light module, in-vehicle images, etc., using a series of proprietary technology including ISP technology, Algorithm, fast start with low power, smart video coding, and binocular vision based image stitching, EIS (Electric Image Stabilization), etc.

In Robot booth, Rockchip’s RK3288 solution has been widely used in hotel services, guests welcoming, cleaning, food delivery, playing chess, inspection, logistics and other robot application fields. The flagship chip RK3588 will be a better choice for the new generation of robot solutions. With the support of higher performance, it will contribute to robot producers’ expansion of applications and product experience improvement.

In Industry Development Board booth, more than 100 industry boards and development kits equipped with Rockchip RK3588, RK3588S, RK3568, RK3566, RK3399, RK3288, RV11XX and other chips were on display. It can be applied to the fields of industrial control, commercial display, machine vision, education, new retail, IoT and edge computing. It fully demonstrated the technological and ecological achievements of Rockchip.


3.   6 sub-forums+2 workshops, focusing on leading technology

The day2 session mainly focused on technology with a comprehensive knowledge. Six technology sub-forums and two workshops were held for all developers. Senior industrial practitioners from Rockchip partners and engineers with rich practice experience in Rockchip explained relevant profound technical solutions and hot applications in simple terms, to enable developers to quickly get started and improve their ability.

Six sub-forums were as follow, Machine Vision and Voice Technology Forum, Industrial Application Forum, Hardware Technology Forum, Automotive Electronics Forum, Software Technology Forum and Consumer Electronics Forum.

Two hands-on workshops, RKNN and Image Turing, helped developers gain a deeper understanding of RKNN-Toolkit and improve the key skill of image turning.

5.The expansion of partner booth, jointly created a win-win situation

Starting from RKDC2021, Rockchip opened a whole new partner exhibition area. This time, a total of 37 partners participated, covering algorithm, system, hardware and terminal partner companies, bringing a large number of products based on Rockchip solutions. While presenting the latest cooperation achievements in an all-round and three-dimensional manner, we were also taking a solid step towards to create a win-win situation.


The 7th Rockchip Developer Conference has gathered the strength of the whole industry. We would like to share, communicate and co-create with all the participants and developers in the upstream and downstream the industrial chain. Rockchip, which actively embraces the new normality and takes AIoT as the development direction, looks forward to making breakthroughs with our partners and build a better world.

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